Join an Action Team

Welcome to Indivisible Charlottesville’s Action Teams! We bend the arc of history toward justice, starting in our own community. Each team leads Indivisible’s response to Trump and Congress in the issue areas on which it focuses: join a team or teams if you feel passionate about driving action in those areas. Help plan the events and actions to educate and push for change around these issues!



We believe climate change is one of the most imminent threats to our current and future existence and must be aggressively addressed. Through collaboration with local environmental groups and direct actions, we work to ensure our representatives act to protect the environment–and our health, economy and national security–and defend against environmental policies that put future generations and our natural world at risk.


We believe healthcare is a human right and women’s rights are human rights.  Our focus will be defending healthcare against the Trump administration’s attacks and laying the groundwork for a progressive future of healthcare for all.

Civil Rights & Immigration

The Trump administration and the Jeff Sessions Justice Department are rolling back legal protections for millions of Americans. Meanwhile, an assault on voting rights is taking place in legislatures across the country–including in Virginia. The Civil Rights Action Group opposes these retrograde moves with actions that expand the franchise and embrace America’s best ideals of equality, inclusion, and justice for all.


We believe quality public education is the foundation of democracy. And it is under threat now as not in half a century, with funding cuts, charter schools, and voucherization. We will defend public education at the national and state levels.

Foreign Policy & Veterans Affairs

We will focus on preventing wars of choice, restoring Constitutional order to restrict the President’s unilateral war-making powers, ensuring that we maintain good relations with our democratic allies instead of with dictatorial regimes, and ensuring that our veterans are treated with dignity and respect.  We will also continue to push for independent unfettered investigations of the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with Russia to influence our elections.

Jobs & Inequality

This Action Team empowers Indivisible members to address the concentrations of wealth and power that have corroded our democracy for decades. We will plan actions that make our elected representatives fight inequality while promoting job creation and broadly-shared economic progress. These actions might include teach-ins or other educational events, rallies or demonstrations, meetings with officials, and opportunities for community service.

Voting Rights

We will work to fight the ongoing restriction of the franchise by pushing our representatives towards policies like automatic voter registration, reversal of felon disenfranchisement, and fighting gerrymandering.  We will also do outreach and voter registration drives, focusing on underserved communities.